SAFE. Throughout the decade of dating, I swear the acronym didn’t come to us only til last year. Coincidentally, ever since he started working at Keppel and all the scary incidents that have occurred there, we’ve been telling each other, “Stay safe”. And to add to the coincidence, back in 2012, my dad looked at … Continue reading


Ok firstly, I always read how BTBs fall sick prior to their weddings, but I was so sure I wouldnt be like them, skali BAM. 20 odd days to the wedding and I’m still coughing like a cat with hairball. Sigh. Praying hard i’ll stop this itchy dry cough and those on off fever symptoms … Continue reading

Minah Kahwin-Kahwin

IS IT ME OR HAS NICKI MINAH MINAJ JOINED THE KKK (Kakak Kahwin-kahwin) CLAN? HAHAHAHAHA Sanggul and all, siols. U ols jangan main-main. Kakak-kakak andam, y’all better step up your game k. It’s time for some titty-bearing outfits in black and gold songket! Hahahaha Thank you Shamsydar for sharing the photo on FB. You just … Continue reading

Heads Up

Ok I may not have blogged much, but here’s a heads up on those who are intending to get their berkat boxes from Adam Hawa Kreatif in JB. I had a pretty crappy experience with them. No, they’re not nasty nor do they cheat and take away my money, but it’s more of an inefficiency … Continue reading

Banyak2 Benda Boleh Tulis, Ni Pulak

Ok this is so bloody random but I suddenly have this thought, since October is approaching. You know how some DJs main lagu suka hati mak dorang without following the occasion? Like, pasal heartbreak pun dia rembat jugak? I’m just thinkin, there better not be any Tragedi Oktober playing siak this month. Or that Di … Continue reading

eh lupa ke ada blog

Wow. I think I break record for paling tak boleh harap BTB blog. Hahahaha. So much for waiting for work and school to take a break! Break da over pun, masih belum blog. Because I’ve been swamped with my Sampul Raya business and happily running wedding errands I guess. Heh   Firstly, selamat berpuasa korang! … Continue reading

You suka? I pun sukaaaaa!

Ok I don’t do adverts for vendors but I spotted this wedding invite vendor and I thought they deserve special mention because I’m so attracted to their designs, and I can’t but imagine what other designs they’ll come up with. I don’t think most of you have heard of her/him/them but you guys should seh.  … Continue reading

Piece of Cake, no?

So I have been procrastinating the wedding cake for the longest of time, only because I deem it as one of the less important things to fuss about. But memandangkan that prices go higher each time, I thought I’d better get down to it.   Initially I started the plan wanting to have a pulut … Continue reading